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Luxury children's slow fashion, dress for princesses

About me

My name is Martina Zwyrtek . I am the mother of three beautiful girls . I studied scenography at JAMU in Brno. I have worked with the National Theater in Brno, the Prague Theater of Comedy, Brno Theater Feste and others. During the maternity leave i gradually began to sew a pricess dress for my daughters and daughter friends.


Martina Zwyrtek | Vranovská 102 | Brno 614 00
Czech republic
billing information:
Martina Zwyrtek | IČ: 75714183
Kotlářská 17, Brno, 602 00
Czech republic
account number: 1477200012/3030
IBAN: CZ10 3030 0000 0014 7720 0012
tel. +420777899284

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Pentle slow fashion - about me


Every girl is in the heart of a princess. Wear a beautiful dress and a glittering crown in your hair. Now you can all dream come true!

Dress by Pentle

Pentle dresses are a necessary props for all princesses with fantasy. We are enchanted by the world of children's play. Let the girls experience the feeling of long dress, when the tulle, silk and cotton clouds lie at the feet of princesses. I'm sewing the dress to suit the action princesses. Under the layers of tulle is always cotton or silk base.

Quality materials and handmade work

Pentle dresses are tailor-made dresses, each is at least ten hours of work, sometimes I use five meters of silk, sometimes four meters of tulle. The clothes can be washed in the washing machine.